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Explore the New IoT hardware platform from Sierra Wireless - MangOH Yellow 

09.10.19 12:15 PM Comment(s) By Eldar

MangOH Yellow Red comparison

One of the most powerful weapons in IoT development arsenal in has been so far mangOH Red. Achieved by solid HW tools inside of the board with flexibility of expansion cards, while software part has been universal with possibility to use different modules inside of the board with different capabilities, containing operating system called Legato. What lets us to develop different solutions for various IoT goals.

Last week we have received a next generation IoT development board from Sierra Wireless called MangOH Yellow, thanks to Sierra Wireless and Digi-Key for a chance. At first sight, it looks like Yellow will completely illuminate MangOH Red from the market, it's smaller it has similar and even more functionalities than Red. What leads us to investigate is it so, what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

mangoh yellow vs mangho red

The simplest and first advantages of the new upcoming board is the size in case of Yellow it's 65x42 mm, while mangOH Red is 70x68mm. What could result with less functionality inside, but lets dive deeper. The table bellow provides details about available signals for CF3 modules to develop applications.

 CF3 Module Signals: Mangoh Red Mangoh Yellow
 ADC: + +
 Audio (Analog and PCM)+ +
 CF3 GPIOs + +
 GPIO Expander++
I2C1 ++
Light Sensor++
Raspberry PI Rev B-Compatible Connector+-
Gas/Humidity/Pressure/Temperature Sensor-+
Geometric Sensor-+
RF ++
 UART Console connector++
USB 2.0++
Expansion connector-+

Considering a CF3 signals we can see the differences for possible applications. In case of MangOH Red, capabilities of Raspberry PI Rev B-Compatible Connector gives more different options for potential IoT goals what gives a plus to RED, while MangOH yellow has more internal integrated sensor, such as Gas/Humidity/Pressure/Temperature Sensor with fancy LEDs and buzzer, which are not included in MangOH Red and can fulfill some requirements and save time for development. Should admit that Yellow comes to a market with a new Point of Sale - NFC. And in fact Sierra Wireless hasn't given up flexibility of RPI Connector in case of Yellow, due to this they have added Expansion connector. Hard to tell are those advantages or disadvantages, but those factors suitable for different goals after all and makes difference.

Both of the boards are CF3 compatible, what allows to use 2G, 3G, 4G and LPWA modules from Sierra Wireless with Airvantage Cloud platform. Maximum performances in both boards will be reached with Sierra Airprime WP modules with Legato system which supports LTE Cat4, Cat-1, Cat-M and NB-IoT, such as WP76xx, WP77xx, and WPx5xx.

AirVantage Cloud platform

As a result we have new upcoming super smart edge open source solution for IoT. Designed for prototyping and building super smart IoT solutions. MangOH Yellow lets you innovate and get to market quickly with industrial low power design, what leads to low cost, low power consumption with extended coverage and expanded capacities. With compact super sensor open hardware. MangOH Yellow smaller than credit card, while loaded with sensors. It has expand ability with IoT expansion cards, since no one can predict new upcoming IoT killer app. With open source software called Legato fully integrated on MangOH Yellow you can load necessary drivers and start sending and receiving data with any IoT expansion card. Aside with built-in-connectivity and integrated cloud services

Meanwhile, community for MangOH is growing rapidly, since it's completely Open source platform, during your development forums will be very supportive provided by Sierra Wireless: and Aside with it you can find guides and official documentation on the or Worth to mention, in the end of October Kern will attend Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit where 20+ tech and ecosystem sessions will be presented, Octave Distributed Data Orchestration solution, R2C connectivity and mangOH Yellow open source platform briefly prescribed by us in this blog post.

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